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Facebook Chat To No Longer Support Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)

facebook chat kills ie6Facebook is deciding to improve the performance of the Facebook Chat feature. One of the main ways they are doing this is by no longer supporting Internet Explorer 6.

This is funny, and ironic at the same time.

Yesterday, Facebook put out some info regarding the improvements made to Facebook Chat.

Primarily, Facebook wanted to respond to all of the negative feedback they were getting regarding the Facebook chat feature.

Things such as constant interruptions, moving slow and being unresponsive.

First the funny part.

This made me chuckle a bit when Facebook said this:

The biggest improvements come from changes that aren’t supported on older web browsers. After evaluating the alternatives, we’ve decided to make rapid improvements and provide the best Chat experience possible, which means we will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 browsers.

Notice these phrases – biggest improvements, rapid improvements, no longer support Internet Explorer 6.

I find that funny because to me, it’s a direct shot at Microsoft and their famous web browser.

I’m hoping that Steve Ballmar is listening and starts putting some of their cash reserves into creating (or rebuilding) the Microsoft brand.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Microsoft, I just wish they’d put some engineering power to work and start releasing amazing products again…. instead of being the doormat of the tech industry.

Now the ironic part

This is really more unfortunate than anything, because I’m really a big fan of Microsoft.

But one of the things I tell people all the time is this – get rid of Internet Explorer and use something like Firefox or Chrome.

And then I tell people that I use Chrome more than any other browser, and that Internet Explorer is probably the last browser I’d ever use.

And now Facebook is killing IE6 – how ironic…

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