Is It Possible To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Category?

Many times people get so excited to launch their Facebook Fan Page that they forget – or they never knew – some fundamental truths about the Fan Page building process.

One of the more common realizations, after a business has launched a Facebook Fan Page, is that they may have not selected the best category for their Fan Page.

What’s a business to do?

Unfortunately, your options are slim – at best.

You are not (currently) able to change the category of your Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook just decided that wasn’t going to be a feature within their system.

There is some good news though!

Don’t get discouraged if you suddenly realize there’s a better, more targeted category for your Facebook Fan Page. The good news is that in reality, the category you chose is not the most important element of your Facebook Fan Page.

What is most important is building your fans, connecting with your fans, and leveraging the power of a Facebook Fan Page to build your brand.

When you approach your Fan Page with this mindset, and you start building a strong audience of fans, then you’ll realize that your “category” issue is really a non-issue after all.