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Facebook Page Landing Tab, For Non-Fans Only

Facebook Fan Pages are a great way for businesses to generate leads. Regardless of your business type, or how you define a “lead” – whether it’s call ins, referrals, sales, etc… – Facebook Fan Pages have the ability to build a large pool of high quality leads.

Custom Landing Tabs for Facebook Fan Pages

One way Facebook Fan Pages can facilitate a business in building leads is through the use of the Custom Landing Tab feature.

This allows you to specify what tab NEW visitors to your fan page land on.

Notice my emphasis on NEW.

That’s because, unfortunately, you are only able to control the landing tab for visitors who are not yet fans (or who have not yet liked) your Facebook Fan Page.

For now anyway, anyone who is a current fan of your Facebook Page will by default land on your wall.

But don’t be discouraged!

In a way I like this feature because it forces me to be creative in finding new ways to drive NEW visitors to my Facebook Fan Page.

Again, don’t forget that your Facebook Fan Page is most valuable in its ability to generate new leads and connections.

So in that way, the current custom landing tab behavior should be enough to keep you motivated in driving new visitors (and in turn, new leads) to your Facebook Fan Page.


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