Apple To End iPhone 4 Free Bumper Case Program September 30th

iphone 4 bumper case program

Apple’s free iPhone 4 Bumper Case program is scheduled to come to an end on September 30th. The free Bumper Case program was a result of the iPhone 4 antenna issue – otherwise known as the grip of death. This is where they iPhone 4 would lose antenna signal strength based on the way you held the device.

So in response to the grip of death issue, and as a result of heavy PR pressure, Apple decided to give away free Bumper Cases for through the Apple Retail Store to any iPhone 4 owner who wanted one.

Ironically, Apple says that the actual number of people that have come forward requesting a free Bumper Case has been minimal, at best.

Apple set aside $175 million to cover the cost of the free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases, but they don’t expect to utilize the full allocated amount.

So in turn, what might end up happening in Apple’s stock price will rise due to the amount of money left to put back into the company.

Interesting how things work out…

via AppleInsider

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