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Have you Seen YouTube Instant Search?

youtube instant search

I’m sure you’ve heard about Google Instant Search, the new instant search result functionality that Google adopted (if not, just go to and start typing your search… you’ll see results appear instantly). Anyway, a Stanford University student, Feross Aboukhadijeh, made a bet to his roommate that he could build a YouTube instant search engine. Here’s what he was quoted as saying, “I bet you I can build YouTube Instant in an hour,” and so his roommate took him up on the bet.  A reported 3 hours later, Youtube Instant was born, and by the next morning, Mr. Aboukhadijeh was an online superstar.

YouTube Instant searches the Youtube database of videos…. well… instantly. As you type out your query, the videos load instantly and automatically start playing once you finish your query.

Check out YouTube Instant here.

What are your thoughts about YouTube Instant?

via CNN

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