Sprint 4G Picked Up in San Jose, California

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One of our readers just sent me a message saying he picked up a Sprint 4G signal in San Jose, California. This is odd because the only 4 cities in California that officially have Sprint’s 4G network are Merced, Visalia, Modesto, and Stockton (see here). And of course, the Sprint 4G coverage in San Francisco that has been coming online over the past month or so. But 4G in San Jose? That’s quite a long ways from San Francisco for 4G coverage to be picked up. What do you think, is Sprint expanding into San Jose covertly?

thanks Valencianathan

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4 g has been available in downtown san jose unofficially from at least august first. I live north of city hall that have been receiving coverage since moving here in august. I’m using it to make this post right now

sweet – can you run a download speed test ( and let us know what you get on your 4G there in San Jose?

I’ve been getting a signal in San Jose since June. I talked to Sprint about this and was told it’s only being tested in San Jose right now and is not officially active. I’ve gotten up to 8.2mps

sjsu student here too and yes, I get 4g on my evo on select parts of campus and most of the streets of downtown, the bars seem to jump around a bit for 4g. running a speed test to cnet i saw between 4-8mb/s and close to 1 mb up. it’s probably a test area like palo alto.

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