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“HOW TO” Create Bullet Points Using FBML In Your Facebook Fan Page

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Your Facebook Fan Page is a great place to aggregate resources to share with your growing fan base. These resources can be presented on your Facebook Fan Page with the FBML app that allows you to have a customized tab at the top of your Fan Page, a customized name for that tab, and of course, customized content within that tab.

Without getting too far off track, let’s assume you want to use the FBML app to create a “resources” tab on your Facebook Fan Page (like my Facebook Fan Page Tips tab on my Fan Page). Or perhaps an even more organized resource page like the one on Jen Lovelady’s page.

You’ll notice on both of the examples mentioned above that the resources are organized using bullet points. This is typically accomplished (in standard HTML tags) as follows:

<li>text for headline</li
<li>more text for headline</li>

However, if you try to put that code in the FBML app tab on your Facebook Fan Page, all you’ll get is a blank screen. Frustrating, I know…

Luckily, in this case the fix is quite easy!

To make your bullet points work in FBML, simply remove the <ul></ul> tags from the code, while leaving all the other <li></li> tags – and that’s it, your bullet points will appear beautifully on your new customized FBML tab within your Facebook Fan Page.

For some reason, FBML doesn’t like the <ul></ul> tags – perhaps Facebook sees them as useless html code – who knows.

Hope that tip helps – and feel free to share a link to your resources tab on your Facebook Fan Page below in the comments.

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Hey thanks for the great post! It’s hard to keep up with such a fast changing topic, but I give all my credit to you (and blog posts like yours) and The Fan Page Factory i think?). You guys keep me on my toes with your up to date, helpful and innovative info! Thanks again! Enjoy.

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