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How To Get More Fans On Your Facebook Fan Page (Simple Strategy)

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, more than likely you’ve been interested in finding ways to increase the number of fans you have. The more fans you have on your Facebook page, the more likely you’ll get more people interacting, “like’ing”, and sharing your content.

But how can you get more fans on your Facebook Fan Page if you’re just starting out, or you haven’t yet found a solution to increasing fans?

I’m going to share one simple strategy that has not only worked miraculous wonders for my Facebook Fan Page, but for countless other clients that I’ve theĀ privilegeĀ of working with and watching their fan base grow.

Create A “Welcome” Landing Tab

Even though you can find hundreds of tips online about how to increase your fans on your Facebook Fan Page, the most effective way I’ve seen so far is to have a custom “Welcome” tab that all “non-fans” land on when visiting your Facebook page for the very first time.

I’m going to give you a link below on technical, step by step to making this happen. But for this article, my goal is to give you theory if you will.

Having a default “Welcome” tab on your Facebook Fan Page, one that only non-fans land on when first visiting your site, gives you the best opportunity to convert new visitors into fans.

After all, with a “Welcome” tab set for only “non-fans”, you know that only people who are not yet a fan of your page are going to see this custom tab first.

I’ve had the privelidge of managing a campaign where over 7000 fans flooded a Facebook Fan Page in less than 3 days. And I attribute this success not only with utilizing a large email list to invite a lot of people to become fans, but also with the default landing tab that encourage everyone to become a fan.

So here’s some links to help you better understand, and implement, a “Welcome” tab that only non-fans land on. Again, this is the single more effective way I’ve seen at converting new fans to a Facebook Fan Page:


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