Is Facebook A Tool For Evangelism?

I know, I know… anywhere and everywhere is a platform for evangelism, but stay with me here for just a moment and let me explain – and also help me out with the question.

So if you have 150 friends on Facebook, and they are legitimate friends that know you, love you, or are relatively acquainted with you, then they more than likely know you’re a Christian (of course, I’m talking to fellow Christians here…).

And then if that’s the case, then it might also be fair to assume that of the 150 friends you have on Facebook, a portion of them are not Christians – right? Just based on a national statistics, I could safely guess that at least 20 percent of friends on Facebook do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

And with that being the case – my question (and I don’t know… that’s why I’m asking and working my way through this issue) is whether or not Facebook could become a platform for evangelism?

I shared a story last week about how my wife updated her Facebook profile with a testimony that talked about God worked a miracle in her life. And how that update received comments and likes, and the viral exposure that created – meaning, my wife’s update on Facebook could have possibly gone out to thousands of people that she didn’t even know.

So in a way – would that not be a form of “evangelism” on Facebook?

I’ve been wrestling with this notion lately that Facebook is an amazing platform for evangelism. However, it also needs to be tempered with “real life” relationships with your friends. Because if all of a sudden, your friends see you preaching at them all the time, then I think we know what will happen – your friend count would start to drop!

So what do you think – is Facebook a platform for evangelism?

And if so, how do you see it working, or what are the best ways to leverage Facebook for evangelism?