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Facebook & Bing, Set To Radically Change Search Results Starting Today

Bing is set to release the new Facebook Connect integration called “Instant Personalization” into their search results starting today. This brings a new element to search results that we have yet to see – social integration and search results based on Facebook friend’s likes and dislikes. Most powerful, for now anyway, is the fact that this is a move that Google may not be able to easily duplicate. After all, Microsoft has actually invested into Facebook and this partnership may be exclusive. And of course, it turns into a massive revenue stream source for Facebook.

Perhaps one of the best quotes from yesterday’s announcement during a Facebook Live event at Microsoft’s office in Silicon Valley was this from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

“The core of the search page will change radically with the help of your friends,” he said.

So has Microsoft played a move that may actually put Google on the defensive?

via BusinessInsider

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