Texas Has The Most Metro Areas With Sprint 4G Coverage

sprint 4g coverage in

One of the hottest topics in the mobile internet and smartphone data arena is Sprint’s 4G coverage areas. Say what you will about Sprint, but they have up to this point been the leader in providing 4G coverage in cities throughout the United States.

I was just checking out the Sprint / Clear 4G coverage map and noticed that Texas currently has more 4G coverage metro areas than other state in the US. Texas has 12 cities that are currently covered under Sprint’s 4G cloud. The next closest is Washington state which has 9 cities with Sprint’s 4G coverage cloud.

Here’s the 12 cities in Texas that have Sprint 4G coverage:

  1. Corpus Christi, Texas
  2. San Antonio, Texas
  3. Houston, Texas
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. Killeen, Texas
  6. Waco, Texas
  7. Midland/Odessa, Texas
  8. Abilene, Texas
  9. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  10. Lubbock, Texas
  11. Witchita Falls, Texas
  12. Amarillo, Texas

The Sprint / Clear 4G map does not show any cities scheduled to receive 4G coverage in the coming year (2011).

And here’s the 9 cities in Washington state that are showing Sprint / Clear 4G coverage:

  1. Bellingham, Washington
  2. Everett, Washington
  3. Kitsap, Washington
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Tacoma, Washington
  6. Yakima, Washington
  7. Richland, Washington
  8. Tri-Cities, Washington
  9. Pasco, Washington

What cities are wanting to see Sprint / Clear 4G coverage in?


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