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4 Easy Steps To Claim Your Business (Location) In Facebook Places

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Yesterday I wrote a “How To” on claiming your business in the new Facebook Places. The only problem is, I failed to verify those procedures before I wrote the article. So when I went to a location to try to claim it, or at least see the “Is this your business?” link, via my iPhone, I realized the link wasn’t showing up – which means the steps I provided yesterday were wrong!

So today, I actually verified the steps on claiming your business (or location) via Facebook Places. Quick disclaimer > there may be others ways to do this via a mobile devices, but what I’m saying is that the “Is this your business?” link did not appear on my Facebook iPhone app.

4 easy steps to claim your business (location) in Facebook Places:

1) Get on your laptop or desktop computer

2) Go to and in the search bar type your business or location

3) click the search result that has the map icon pointer (it’s like an upside down bubble arrow) >¬†You will now be on your business or location’s Facebook Places page

4) Look in the lower left hand corner / or the bottom of the places page and click the link called “Is this your business?”

Now just go through the workflow of claiming your location.

And yes… I verified the steps above and this is how you do!

But as I said before, there may be others ways to do it – so if you know of a different method that you’ve verified, please share the steps in the comments.

Hope this helps!

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