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Where Does My iPhone Backup Go To? (Answer)

iphone backup location

I was helping a friend the other day with his iPhone. Getting pictures straight, backing up the iPhone, and updating the iPhone to the latest version. He asked me something that, quite honestly, I didn’t have an answer to – he asked “where does the iPhone back up get stored?”

That was a great question, because I was in fact backing up his iPhone and he asked me the question assuming I had a quick answer for him. My response was, honestly, I don’t know.

So of course I had to research that and find out exact where, when I back up my iPhone, where the iPhone backup go to or where does the information get stored.

The answer is quite simple actually.

1)  Open iTunes

2)  Go to “edit > preferences”

3)  Click on “devices”

Once you click on “devices”, you’ll now be looking at the history of your iPhone backups.

And that’s it – that’s where all of your iPhone backups get stored.

Now I’m assuming that these are local file locations on your computer somewhere – that I’m not sure of the whereabouts.

I would guess that the files are encrypted somewhere on your hard drive and not intended to be found by people easily.

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