Twitter Really Needs A Like Button

If you’re like me, you love Twitter but hate the noise.

What’s the noise in Twitter? Well, for every 3 – 5 tweets that are genuinely from someone that loves using Twitter, there are 1 – 2 tweets that are just plain garbage.

Whether the “garbage” is someone trying to sell you something or if it’s from an automated feed that’s posting regurgitated news, it’s still not the highest quality content on Twitter… period.

So I have an idea for how Twitter can start reducing the “noise” in their streams, drive down the “garbage” content, and push up the highest quality tweets on Twitter.

Add “Like” buttons to Tweets.

Ok, perhaps call them something different so you aren’t accused of stealing something from Facebook, but the concept it the same.

If you added “Like” buttons to Twitter updates, then the crowd of Twitter users could start voting on content.

Or at least add a “vote up” or “vote down” button to each update.

Sure, there’s currently the “Favorite” functionality, but that’s not AT ALL what I’m talking about here.

With a “voting” system in place, through the natural evolution of content, the garbage would be pushed to the bottom and the really high quality tweets would naturally rise to the top.

So there it is… take it or leave it!

That’s what I believe Twitter is in desperate need for within their streams.

What do you think?

6 Responses to “Twitter Really Needs A Like Button”

  1. Jeffreyjohnmann

    If someones posting trash stop following them. Vote with your feet.

  2. Jeff Duff

    Great idea! Then we get posed with the questions: when do you retweet and when do you “like” the tweet?

  3. Tom Gearheart

    I hate the noise, Great Ideal. . .

  4. video search engine

    thank u

  5. Daniel J. Lewis

    This already exists. It’s called “favorite.” Twitter just doesn’t reflect how many favorites a tweet has.

  6. Tablet Crunch

    I know Twitter has favorites – my point is that a Like button of some sort
    would be able to suppress the noise and garbage that fills the Twitter
    stream – the great content would rise to the top through “Likes’ and in
    turn, the garbage would never really been seen.


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