Should Schools Ban Chocolate Milk?

Schools districts throughout the United States are starting to ban chocolate milk from their lunch rooms. Is this something that school districts should be concerned with?

Schools in Washington DC, Florida, California, and Colorado have already done it, while other districts are still debating the issue.

The issue at hand is that school districts don’t want to encourage high sugar intake for their kids. This leads (according to these school districts) to hyper activity, obesity, and other social problems that the school would quite frankly like to get rid of.

But does banning chocolate milk in the school actually address the problems?

Some parents argue that even though chocolate milk does have a higher sugar count than regular milk, kids still get much needed calcium and Vitamin D. So are the extra calories worth it?

Not too sure why this story caught my attention today. Perhaps it’s because I remember looking forward to getting chocolate milk when I was in school. And why, after all of these years, is it now an issue.

So what do you think?

Should schools be banning chocolate milk?

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