Verizon iPhone Impact, AT&T Could Lose $6 Billion in 2011 Alone

Up until now, the rumors about a Verizon iPhone have been just that – rumors. But when someone as established as gets into the fray, then I’m thinking that the Verizon iPhone is on its way. is reporting that a new version of Apple’s iPhone, the CDMA version as opposed to AT&T’s GSM version, will soon be released by Verizon.

Along with a looming Verizon iPhone, the phone carrier is expected to announce a whole lineup of Android smartphones at the upcoming CES conference.

Verizon’s iPhone is bad news for AT&T

Again, according to Forbes, AT&T will see their iPhone sales cut in half from 2010 to 2011. Additionally, analysts expect 2.3 million current iPhone users to defect to Verizon.

If this occurs, AT&T is projected to lose $6 billion in revenue in 2011.