People Already Hacking The Google Chrome OS Netbook Cr-48 (Video)

google chrome os cr 48 windows mac os 10 snow leopard

Last month, Google allowed people to request a free netbook (called the Cr-48) running their Chrome OS. Google wants to get feedback from users on the new Chrome OS, and figured that getting free ones out to users would be the best thing.

On a side note – I requested several of these and haven’t received any yet (sucks to be me…).

Anyway, now that the Cr-48 has been in people’s hands for about a month now, people have already figured out how to load other operating systems onto it.

For example, you can read here how people have successfully installed Windows OS onto the Cr-48.

And below, you’ll see a video of someone who successfully installed Mac OS 10 Snow Leopard:


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