Google Turning Up The Heat on Content Farms & Search Spam

google fights spam

Google is looking to find new, innovative ways to increase the quality of the search results you see when you “Google” something.

According to Matt Cutts, Google’s lead search engine spam engineer, in 2010 Google made a couple of changes to their algorithm that has dramatically improved the quality of search results.

Primarily the focus has been on spammy content that full of repeating keyword phrases, those that you find in a lot of comments on blog posts.

The focus going forward, however, is starting to shift to content farms.

Content farms are sites designed for one purpose, to harvest content that will rank well in search engines.

Not that the desire to rank well in search engines is a bad thing, but the intentional act of content harvesting to achieve that is what Google is calling spam.

It’s becoming more true today than ever – in order to rank high in Google and build a strong online audience, you must have original content, thoughts, and ideas.

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