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Google Apps for Verizon – Verizon’s New Enterprise Initiative

google apps for verizon small business

It’s interesting to me that Verizon is now offering what they call Google Apps for Verizon.

This is basically a bundled package deal for Verizon small and medium size business customers to start leveraging Google Apps.

Verizon will be charging enterprise clients $3.99 per month / per user for those who just want to use the Google Apps suite of products.

Coupled with data plans, and according to the Verizon website, plans are starting at $74.99 per month.

Google Apps is actually something that businesses can get for free. But Verizon’s move to incorporate the Apps suite of products into a bundled solution is, in my opinion, more about generating new data plan customers.

I commend Verizon for finding a creative way to bundle together something that is already free.

And even moreso with their business saviness in bundling it together with the stipulation that you need to subscribe to a bundle consisting of Verizon Internet service and either Verizon voice or TV service or both.

Here’s a list of services you get with the Google Apps for Verizon:

  • Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Video
  • 3 free user accounts (bundled data plan required
  • Additional accounts can be purchased
  • “Do it yourself” kit to get started
  • Free website for your business
  • Online backup (via Google Docs backup)
  • Access to the Verizon Small Business Center

This is also a reflection of the influence that Google is having in the overall marketplace of all things data.

Verizon is already the number retailer for Google’s Android OS operated smartphones.

And more than likely will become one of the largest retailers of Android operating tablets.

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They are getting 3 seats of Google Apps for business which is the upgraded version of Google Apps. This usually runs $50 annually per seat…not the free version.

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