Why You Need To Integrate Your Website Into The Facebook Graph

Some people believe that Facebook is still in its infancy.

If that’s true, then the implication here is that Facebook’s influence and integration into the overall web is still in its infancy as well.

And that’s pretty important information for a small business – any business for that matter.

Here’s what a couple of investors in Facebook recently said about the state of the social network:

This is still early days for Facebook, the graph is starting to extend into interests and personal preferences. This is going to enable a slew of new ideas and startups — I believe Facebook is well positioning to be in the middle of it all. (source: TechCrunch)

With this knowledge, it would only make sense to me that every business that has a website would integrate Facebook into it.

Integrate your website into the Facebook graph

One of the best ways to integrate your website into the Facebook is by adding a “Comments” box to your webpages.

Here’s an example of a Facebook “Comments” box that I recently integrated into the homepage of

facebook comments website

Benefits of adding the Facebook graph

The amazing thing about adding a Facebook comment box to your website, or any webpage within your site, is that you allow people to comment, leave feedback, make suggestions, and / or leave testimonials.

Secondly, and perhaps most important is that whenever someone leaves a comment, it shows up on all of their friend’s news streams.

Along with the update, there’s a link that drives traffic right back to your website where the comment box resides.

So when people leave a comment not only are they helping bring live conversations to your webpage, they are also indirectly viral marketing your website and / or webpage.

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