Using WordPress To Create iFrame Tabs for Facebook Fan Pages

wordpress facebook page iframe tabsI have found, in the past week of learning as much as I can about the new iFrame Tabs for Facebook Fan Pages, that WordPress comes in very handy in creating custom iFrame tabs.


Not only in creating custom iFrame tabs, but also in creating Facebook applications as well.

WordPress URLs are very friendly for iFrame tabs because they always end in a forward slash. This makes the pages, according to Facebook’s definition, a directory upon which the application’s content can be extracted.

One great way to use WordPress to create your iFrame tabs for Facebook Fan Pages is to use a “custom template” within your WordPress blog.

Set the custom template to a width a 520px for Facebook page iFrame tabs, and 720px width for Facebook applications.

Learn more about creating custom templates here.

Have you found that using WordPress is an easy way to create your Facebook page iFrame tabs?

Can you provide some links to your apps you’ve created with WordPress?

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I have two pages, where I’ve done this.
Check out Titus Will Cars

The tab I’m sending content to via WordPress and an iframe app is:

Final Four Challenge

When you land on the tab, you’re required to like the page, in order to see the content.

But it’s all delivered via WordPress to an app iframe to tab.

Great way to manage content now!


The other page is http

i just finished making a fan page using wordpress. the options are unlimited! getting ready to make another one for a commerce site.

@Lauren Young
I made one, but it wouldn’t show up in IE. Did you use a custom template or code it yourself? I basically took the ‘page.php’ file and coppied it, then changed it to fit the size. It works great in Chrome, but nothing in IE. Just blankness.

Hi Jesse – I wouldn’t be really know without looking at the code. Can you
email the details using our contact page?

@SMSEO I’ve created several now for pages, using WordPress to manage the iFrame content. We’re currently running a contest on a client page Final Four Challenge Titus-Will Cars that you can see how we’re using. Incidentally, we’ve seen over 800 new fan/likes in 48 hours with the campaign. Building our own iFrame app and deploying via WordPress plus a Facebook plugin has been amazing! And the cost is nearly zero. We’ve only experienced a few issues when there’s an increase in traffic and the tab doesn’t load the iFrame, but I think that’s due to the load on our Wordrpess install server, which we’ll probably move to its’ own server, versus virtual.

We’re also using on Win a Oregon Winery Tour Facebook page and with that campaign we’re using both the tab and canvas iFrame options.

I think we’ll see a lot more innovation on using iFrame apps, more WordPress plugins and themes related to Facebook iFrame tabs and overall more DIY iFrame Apps, tools, etc in 2011.

With Facebook everywhere, I find it hard to believe we’ll see Facebook going away anytime soon, so now every business if they haven’t yet, will need to step up and get their Facebook pages updated to iFrame Apps for their Tabs! :-)

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