Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Facebook Fan Page Growth

facebook fan page newtons law

I realize this is a bit of a stretch…

But if you’ll stay with me for a moment, I’m sure you’ll have a better understanding as to why I just associated the growth of your Facebook Fan Page with Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion.

If you recall from high school science, there are actually three Laws of Motion that Newton came up.

The one I want to focus on here is the law that states an object in motion tends to stay in motion – an object as rest tends to stay at rest.

This law of motion, or inertia, or velocity, or momentum – ah yes… I like that word momentum – is critically important to understand as you push to grow your Facebook Fan Page.

Because simply the best way to grow your Facebook Fan Page is start making it active.

Remember, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

The problem here is that the same law has a direct inverse affect that states an object at rest test tends to stay at rest.

Here it is put simply:

If you want to grow your Facebook Fan Page, your influence, your audience, your community, then you’ll get active and start moving forward – start getting productive, start sharing, interacting, building relationships, making connections, etc…

If you want your Facebook Fan Page to shrink, remain stagnant, have no influence, have no interaction – then you’ll remain complacent, not putting any effort ┬áinto your Facebook Page, not making connections, not reaching out, not creating some energy, etc…

The good news about Newton’s Law of Motion:

There is some excellent news hidden in Newton’s Law of Motion that states, an object will remain in its current state of motion (or lack thereof) until a greater force comes against it – then it will shift course.

Isn’t that great news for so many aspects of our lives?

Just knowing that your life will continue down a certain path, but if you take action against that path, the path itself can change completely.

The same is true with your online marketing efforts and your Facebook Fan Page growth.

No matter where you are in your online marketing efforts – no matter how many fans you currently have on Facebook – no matter what you are doing right now… at this very moment with your life, all it takes is a bit of effort, energy, and “fight”, and you’ll shift your course.

Putting this in terms of a Facebook Fan Page, you’ll get more fans, more influence, more customers, and more prospects.

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