How To Invite Up To 40 People At Once To Join Your Facebook Fan Page

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I just added a new app to my Facebook Page and to be honest with you, I’m not sure what the app is called technically, but it’s the app that allows you to invite your friends to a Facebook Fan Page by simply clicking on their images or typing in their names.

In fact, this “Facebook Invite” app will allow you to invite up to 40 people to my Facebook page – or your Facebook page if you had it running.

I’ve seen it running on previous Facebook pages, like on the the hugely popular Manchester United Football (soccer) page.

There’s one huge difference though between their page and mine – when I added the app via the Facebook iFrame app integration, it’s allowing me to invite up to 40 people at once – the Manchester invite app says that you can only invite up to 16 people at once.

So my Facebook invite app is nearly four times more productive than their’s – which would be great if it would allow my Facebook page to grow to even a fourth of what their’s is (currently they have 11.2 million fans!).

Here’s how I added the Facebook Invite app to my Facebook page:

I first followed the basic steps of creating a Facebook iFrame tab for your Facebook Fan Page.

Under the “Facebook Integration” > Page Tabs – I clicked “FBML” instead of “iFrame”.

And then in the html file, I added the follow FBML snippet:

content=”Connect with smseo”
<fb:req-choice url= label=’Go’ /> “>
<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext=”Invite your friends to connect with SMSEO” rows=”3″ cols=”3″ showborder=”true” />

This creates a very nice looking, and very effective, Facebook invite app where people can now come and invite all of their friends to join your Facebook page.

When building the apps, I named it “Join SMSEO!” so that throughout the sharing process, the message is consistently “so and so invited you to Join SMSEO!”.

Basically, whatever you put in the title of the app is what will show up all over the process, and including in the invite message your friends receive.

Let me know how the integration goes for you!

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