How To Rent & Watch Movies On Facebook

With the growing list of movies available for rent on Facebook, I thought it would be appropriate to create a quick and easy “how to” for you to go about renting and watching these movies, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

How to rent and watch movies on Facebook:

1)  Find the movie’s available on Facebook

In order to rent and watch movies on Facebook, you have to first know what movies are available. I can assure you, there aren’t many… in fact, the only place I know currently that has a running list of movies available for rent on Facebook is right here at my blog.

List of movies available to rent on Facebook

2)  Visit the movie fan page / click “Watch Now”

Each of the movies available from Warner Bros. is found at that movies’ particular Facebook page.

So simply click the link above to see what movies are available > visit that particular movies’ page > click “Watch Now”

how to rent watch movies on facebook 1

3)  Allow the app

Each of the movies, after you click “Watch Now” will request to access your Facebook profile – go ahead and click “Allow”.  This is the only way you’ll be able to progress to where you can actually rent the movie.

watch movies on facebook rent movies facebook 2

4)  Enter your zip code / click “Pay with Facebook”

After you click “Allow” for the movie Facebook app access, you’ll now be taken to a quasi checkout page.

You’ll need to enter your zip code, and then click the “Pay with Facebook” button.

Before you click “Pay with Facebook”, you might want to read the fine print in the far right box to get the details of your rental agreement – or just read it here (in it’s entirety):

*After purchasing this license, you may watch Yogi Bear as many times as you wish within a 48 hour period. If you exit Facebook, simply return to the official Yogi Bear fan page and select the WATCH tab. Alternatively, you can select the Yogi Bear application that appears on the left side of your Facebook profile page to re-open the video player window.

Here’s what the full screen of the checkout page looks like:

watch movies on facebook rent movies facebook 3

5)  Continue with payment for rental

After you’ve entered your zip code and clicked “Pay with Facebook”, you’ll be presented with your shopping cart for checkout.

Here’s what it looks like after you click “Pay with Facebook”:

watch movies on facebook rent movies facebook 4

Obviously, you’ve got a lot of options for checking out to get your rental – so pick the option that’s right for you and hit “Continue”.

You’ll notice in the upper right hand corner:  “Item price: 40 credits”

Basically, Facebook credits boils down to be $1 for every 10 credits – or $0.10 per Facebook credit.  Not sure if this math holds true outside of Warner Bros. apps and renting movies.

6)  Chose your payment option / plan

After you click “Continue” under the “How would you like to pay?” options, you are now presented with a list of payment plans to consider.

You can either chose the 40 credits for $4.00, or purchase more credits and actually get a discount.

So look through all your payment plans and chose what’s right for you.

Not using US dollars?  No problem!

You have 15 different currencies from which to chose.

Here’s what it looks like:

watch movies on facebook rent movies facebook 5

7)  Complete transaction

Now that you’ve picked your payment option and selected the appropriate currency exchange, you are ready to check out and complete your rental transaction from Facebook.

Simply click “Continue” and you’ll be taken to a final check out page where you will enter your credit card information and complete your transactions.

This part is self explanatory, but here’s a screen shot for you to get familiar with:

watch movies on facebook rent movies facebook 6


As you can see, your payment information is saved for future payments.  And if you need to change your credit card information, you can always do so in your account settings.

And that’s it – after you complete your transaction, you’ll now have 48 hours to watch your rented movie as many times as you’d like, from any device that can access Facebook.


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