The ‘Ups & Downs’ To Growing Your Facebook Fan Page

facebook fan growth

When it comes to growing your Facebook Fan Page, there is one thing I’ve learned from my own experience at the SMSEO Facebook page – the number of fans at any given time showing on my page are in a constant state of flux.

This means, the total number of fans who are following my Facebook page is constantly changing up and down.

Why this is, and how this happens, is beyond me. I have to assume that people are always “unliking” my Facebook page, while new people are coming on board. ┬áThis is the logically explanation, in my opinion.

With my fan page climbing to more than 4,500 fans (at this moment it shows 4,508… could change any minute now!), the variance of the fluctuation seems to be increasing as my fan page grows.

It’s sort of like watching the stock market – it climbs, drops, and has moments where it seems like its going to completely crash. ┬áBut then, over time, the number continually increases, growing more and more followers each day.

If there’s a lesson to be learned, I would say it’s this – do not worry about the day to day fluctuation of the number of fans you have on your Facebook fan page.

If you watch your numbers minute by minute, then you’ll drive yourself crazy and become trapped in a cycle of unproductive wasted time.


Instead, use analytics like Facebook Insights to track the number of new fans, page views, viewers, etc… that are coming to your Facebook page over wider spans of time. These numbers will give you a better understanding of the growth of your Facebook Fan Page over time.

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