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Coming Soon: ‘Google +1’ Button For Your Websites?

google +1 button

Google +1 is a new way for Google to integrate a more social relevance score into the search results that you see.  The Google +1 button is still new, and currently only available via Google Experiment. But with the Google +1, you’ll be able to vote on search results and give a sort of “thumbs up” on the results that you like.

Does this sounds familiar to you?  It should… this is very similar to the Facebook Like button that you are seeing more and more throughout the web.

That’s why, in my opinion, we will soon see the Google +1 button plugin that can be added to any webpage across the web.

But with the Google +1 button ultimately designed to improve search results, if publishers were able to add the button to their sites, and those who vote on that site by clicking the Google +1 button, it seems it would open up a whole new world of “spamming Google search”.

I’m sure, however, Google isn’t overlooking this and if we do see a Google +1 button, the “spam” factor will be well accounted for.

So do you think we’ll soon be seeing Google +1 buttons popping up all over the web?

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