Facebook vs Disqus – Facebook Comments Increased by 155%

I understand that some of you statisticians out there will find a way to shoot holes in my math, but let me give it to you as straight as I possibly can.

I added the Facebook Comments plugin to my blog approximately 1 month ago – actually less, but who’s counting.

And while taking a quick look at my Facebook insights for websites tonight, I made a startling discovery!

Since adding the Facebook comment’s box to my blog, comments have increased 155% over Disqus comments in the same time period.

You see, if you look at the bottom of my articles, you’ll see that I’m actually running both Facebook comments and Disqus comments.

I did this on purpose because I wanted to test the two and see what system provided the best results here for my SMSEO blog.

Since March 1, here are the Facebook interactions for my blog:

facebook comments vs disqus 1

And here’s the stats from Disqus during the same time period:

facebook comments vs disqus 2

You do the math:

328 (Facebook comments) – 130 (Disqus comments) / (Disqus comments) = 152% more Facebook comments than Disqus comments.

Not to mention the fact when someone comments via Facebook on my blog, it creates a new distribution of that particular article to all of their friends on Facebook which opens up a whole new world of opportunity for Facebook “Like’s”, “shares”, and even more comments.

This “distribution” affect sent 1,715 referral clicks from Facebook back to my blog – and that’s just in the month of March.

facebook comments vs disqus 3

So in my view, Facebook is exponentially more productive to have integrated into your site than Disqus.

Even if you look at the comments alone, Facebook is more productive at interactions and referrals back to my blog.

To me, the choice is clear!

P.S. just realized I’m falling asleep at my computer – sorry if there are major grammatical errors :-)

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You attending at the comments alone, Facebook is added
advantageous at interactions and referrals aback to my blog.Not to acknowledgement the actuality if anyone comments via Facebook on my blog.

Facebook provide more advantages than disqus blogs. Facebook comments visit by many users because it is great social networking site when it is not possible to get more traffic than facebook on disqus comment.

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