Web A Neur Series Part 6: You’ve Gotta Get It Online

web a neur series part 6 get it onlineThis post may be similar to the previous Web A Neur Series Part 5 post that I called Just Ship, but it’s a point that I feel compelled to expand on.

My premise for Part 5:  Just Ship was that no matter what you’re working on, no matter how messed, or how ugly it is, you just need to ship it.

Basically, get it out there on the web for people to see, use, and interact with.

With this series however, I want to emphasis the importance of getting WHATEVER it is you’re working on, online.  You’ve gotta get the idea, concept, etc… online for people to start consuming or using.

Or to see if people use it all!

Maybe you get it online and it just dies.  That’s a good thing actually, because now you know you need to iterate the concept.

I’ve built, launched, and worked hard at a lot of different ideas online, and you know what – the majority of them failed.

Some picked up a lot of momentum for a short period of time, but then whatever happened and it just fizzled out.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t working hard to try to get the concepts to take off, it just means that the idea – or even that specific iteration of the idea – just wasn’t quite right for the masses.

And that’s all a good thing!

Getting your idea online is, in my opinion, the most important step in any entrepreneurial venture.  Once it’s online, it’s open to criticism; it’s open to feedback; it’s open to flourish and take off; and it’s open to fail horribly.

These are the things you need in order to achieve the success you desire with your ventures.

Getting it online > iteration > failure > success > capitalizing on the success > more failure, etc… is what can happen when you publish your idea on the web.

And like I said, it’s also the necessary steps for an entrepreneur to go through to achieve large, scalable success online.


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