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Starbucks Vs. Coke

starbucks icon thumbSo I’d heard several times over the last week or two that Starbucks was the most liked product on Facebook, and I have to say I was slightly surprised.

Blogs everywhere have been announcing Starbucks feat, but when I checked stats today, Starbucks had been dethroned by my number 1 pick: Coca-Cola.

Even though Coca-Cola has almost more than 10 million more followers than Starbucks now, the coffee giant still broke the all important 10 million mark before the soda maker.

Follow the cafeine war for #1:

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By Jeannie Ingraham

Jeannie lives with her nuclear engineer husband and slobber bucket
baby boy in Norfolk, Va. She enjoys writing, long walks on the beach, and PiƱa Colada.

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