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Oh no, my mom’s a blogger

My parents have always been technology savvy: my dad had a computer in the the early 80’s and my parents (dad and step mom) met on the internet in the 90’s before it was considered socially acceptable. In fact, my … Continued

Starbucks Vs. Coke

So I’d heard several times over the last week or two that Starbucks was the most liked product on Facebook, and I have to say I was slightly surprised. Blogs everywhere have been announcing Starbucks feat, but when I checked … Continued

Do you know what day today is?

Well, other than March 17th, or St. Patrick’s day… Today is the birthday of SMSEO’s founder Robert Holland. He is eternally 29. So wish him happy birthday, spam his Facebook with well wishing, or tweet it to the world. Happy … Continued

Facebook for Pirates

When I first saw the post on Facebook telling me that I could change my language from English(US) to English(Pirate), I thought is was a joke. But I tried it anyways. And, ya know what? It’s true. Suddenly, instead of … Continued

Fired for Facebook?

Facebook and social networking has become integral to our everyday life, especially since Facebook has become the #1 visited website in America. So it is no wonder that social networking sites are used by employers to vet possible employees and … Continued

Laptop Dock for New Motorola Smartphone

Motorola offers a pretty impressive laptop dock for its newest smartphone: Atrix. The phone itself sports processing capabilities similar to that of Netbooks. The Atrix 4G has an NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 chipset, 16GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, … Continued