iPhone 4 Prototype Listed on Ebay, Then Removed

People are obviously ready to pay a premium to get their hands on a piece of history, especially something as historic as a prototype iPhone 4.

That’s right, over the weekend there was a prototype iPhone 4 for sale on Ebay.

The device was used by Apple during the testing phase of the iPhone 4 prior to launch.

The iPhone 4 prototype was being sold “as is”, could not be activated via iTunes, and had manufacturing numbers in the lower right hand corner that read “DF1692”.

Also missing were the “+” and “-” markers on the volume controller.

The bid, according to Mashable, reached as high as $2,025 as of yesterday, July 4th.

But when I visited the iPhone 4 prototype listing this morning, I got the following message:

Not sure what happened exactly between yesterday and today, but the iPhone 4 prototype is no longer available and has been removed.

No reason given as to why it was removed, nor anything on who removed it.

Here’s the images that were part of the iPhone 4 prototype listing on Ebay:

via Mashable

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