Genidus, Chapter 1 – By Joshua Brooks

joshua brooks
Joshua brooks - author of "genidus"


Genidus – first page of chapter 1


Ruth Kennedi  stirred from her waking dreams, not yet realizing that her and Samuel Jacob were still being held captive by the USFR. She squeezed her eyelids shut repeatedly attempting to blink away the migraine that  beat against her skull.

As her eyes came to focus, she slowly began remembering the chaos that had gotten them in their predicament and slowly turned to see if her companion had yet stirred from his death like trance.

She crawled over to him as she did the day before and placed her hands on his chest,” Sam, wake up, please wake up!” she pleaded shaking him violently. He was wrested from peaceful slumber into frantic consciousness, flailing on his back in a dimly lit cell with a reinforced door.

He had been knocked unconscious before thrown into the room and had been in that state for thirty-six hours.

Ruth Kennedi did her best to restrain him as she calmed him down,” Sam its just me, its just me!” she said struggling against him.

Samuel Jacob came to his senses and the tension eased from his body,“ did you have to shake so hard? ya jerk,“ he joked in a half awake stoop.

Ruth Kennedi leaned into him hugging him tightly, he let out a painful grunt of protest,” hey, easy with all the roughness, my ribs are on fire, and my head feels like monkeys are beating it with rocks.”

Ruth Kennedi giggled, a tear rolled down her cheek,” well maybe you should lay your coconut head down and I’ll shoo the monkeys away,” she joked easing him onto his back. Sam’s dark hand reached up and caressed her pale face,” why the tears?” he asked. Ruth Kennedi gripped his hand tightly,” Sam I thought you were dead.

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