Google Testing New Sign In Box

This is something I just noticed – Google had a link sitting next to my Gmail sign in box that said “Coming soon: A new sign-in page!”  This is not anything I noticed before just now and I thought, initially, I may have been one of the first people getting the inside hook on something from Google.

However, one quick search in Google for “Google new sign in box” told me otherwise.  People have been writing about Google’s new sign in box for about a week or so now.  Regardless, I didn’t notice it until just now which tells me that it didn’t actually show up for me until just now – I wouldn’t have missed something like that before.

Here’s an image of the new Google sign in box:

google new sign in

Basically, you are getting a bigger, more prominent sign in box and field forms to enter your email and password.

And that’s about it from what I can tell.  Now it’s possible other things are going on here in the sign up box, but I just need to research it a bit more to see.

What do you think about Google’s new experimental sign in box?

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