Why Good Deeds Are A Win Win Scenario

doing good deedsIf you are feeling down in the dumps or just extra generous, doing a good deed for someone else can make you feel amazing.

Doing something wonderful for someone else without expecting anything in return is good for the soul.

It is extremely rewarding, grounding and will make someone else’s day.

So how do you go about doing a good deed?

  1. Talk to people and actually listen. Most of the time, people will talk about things they need to do. Helping them to knock off a couple of things on that list like organizing the corporate booklet printing or business card printing for an overworked colleague might be just the way to help them out and to do your good deed. Helping them with their everyday chores like watering their gardens, cleaning their house, babysitting their children or walking their dog are great ways to help.
  2. The alternative to helping someone you know is to help a complete stranger. This is the ultimate selfless deed and it could be as simple as buying lunch for a homeless person.
  3. Another great way is to donate your time to a local charity – you can stock shelves at the local
  4. food bank, walk dogs at the shelter, or serve meals to the homeless.  Make someone’s day and surprise them with an anonymous gift like a gift hamper or a charity hamper. Make sure you attach a gift tag to explain that this is your good deed for the day and that you hope they enjoy the special gift. By doing this, you might even inspire a revolution of anonymous giving.
  5. Visit your local retirement house and offer to read to the elderly or to help out in some other way. The people that are cared for in these facilities have usually been active participants in your society and are pillars of the community so it’s nice to return the favour.
  6. Take a load off someone’s deserving shoulders and cook a meal for them – this will be received extremely well by someone who has been ill or working long hours lately.
  7. Host a fundraising event – it doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top, just invite your nearest and dearest – you’ll be surprised by how you can raise.
  8. Participate in a charity event – get active and get involved in a fun run or grab a bunch of friends
  9. and go to a charity dinner.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you give from your heart and remember that even the smallest deed can make a huge difference to someone else. So rewarding – a good deed should make you feel good about yourself and leave you with a permanent smile on your face all day.

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