Tom Brady 99 Yard Pass Video – Touchdown Passing Record to Wes Welker

tom brady 99 yard td pass Tom Brady set a couple of passing records in the first regular season game against the Miami Dolphins.  Tom Brady’s 99-yard TD pass to Welker happened with 5:44 remaining in the game.  His record setting touchdown pass gave him 511 yards on the night, moving him past the team mark of 426 set by Drew Bledsoe on November 13, 1994 in a 26-20 overtime win over the Vikings.  Tom Brady’s 511 yards was the highest in Monday night football history.

Tom Brady 99 yard TD Pass to Welker Video

The quality isn’t the best because there aren’t many videos out there yet, but here’s the video of the pass to Wes Welker.  He gives a powerful stiff arm the defender and is off to the races.  It was a great play because critics have been chirping about Wes Welker only having short game.  This should shut them up for a little while…

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