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19 of The Best AutoCorrect Fails – Funny iPhone Auto Correct Mistakes

Although auto-correct on both the iPhone and iPad are useful when you know how to use them correctly, they can also be misused in ways that are…well, just embarrassing.  I would have to say that this compiled list of auto correct fails could be one of the best.  Read through them yourself and you’ll see why I think so.  The parent auto text mistakes are definitely entertaining because you would expect they may have some trouble using the auto correct feature.

Attention: This content is not for children.

  1. autocorrect fails

  2. auto correct fail

  3. autocorrection fails 5

  4. best autocorrect mistake

  5. dump text autocorrect mistake

  6. friend funny text mistakes

  7. funny autocorrect text mistake 1

  8. iphone auto correct mistakes 3

  9. iphone autocorrect text failure 4

  10. janice autocorrect text fail

  11. jenna bloody tampon

  12. manboobs autocorrect

  13. maria autocorrect fail

  14. mom autocorrect adoption

  15. mom autocorrect fail

  16. mom autocorrect mistakes

  17. mom disney autotext fail

  18. mom gay text fail

  19. parent autocorrect text fail

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