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“S**t Silicon Valley Says” Video Takes Stab at Social Media

silicon valley says I know what you’re thinking: “Not another ‘stuff (insert demographic) says’ video.” While the concept is far from original, the content of “S#%t Silicon Valley Says” is sure to generate laughter from just about anyone used to the chatter found in your typical west coast interactive marketing agency. Husband and wife team Tom Conrad and Kim Imbach cooked up the 1:46 long clip with no script or structure in mind, only an obvious adherence to the standardized “stuff x say” template.

In it, Imbach utters a series of seemingly preposterous statements referencing social media and information technology, all of which we’ve either heard spoken before or sadly said ourselves.

Gems include:

“It’s like Pandora for cats.”

“I don’t really think you can call it a platform yet…”

“I don’t really get Tumblr.”

“I met him at LeWeb. I met him at Burning Man. Wait, no, I met him at Davos. Was it Davos, or LeWeb? I get those two confused. Or maybe it was the Lobby. I don’t know. There was a beach.”

“I already reblogged that. I reblogged it AND RTed it. I RTed it, reblogged it, and checked into it.”

“This app is so elegant.”

“I saw it on TechCrunch”

“Who throws a party in Palo Alto?”

As of late Friday evening, “S#%t Silicon Valley Says” was up to one million views after only two days of being posted.

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