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Grumble-flick chat site exposes millions of email addresses

youporn email hackedEmail addresses and passwords of over a million users of a popular sex chat site, YouPorn, were open to all due to a coding error that was undetected since 2007.  The data included customer data, including email addresses.  Hopefully yours wasn’t in there!  Many hackers will browse websites looking for folders in public directories that have something just like this diamond (to them).

So what if they have my email and password?

What do hackers do with millions of email addresses other than the potential embarrassment to these users?  The hackers can use these emails and passwords to try and access more sensitive accounts like Facebook, PayPal, etc…  Recently someone got a hold of my Gmail account, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty what they did.  I learned a valuable lesson: If you use one password across the web, a hacker can access almost anything.  For example:  if you use your “” account and password “1234” in your gmail, facebook, some random site, another random site, anther site you forgot about, then all it takes is for a hacker to gain access to one of those sites to get into all of your accounts.  They can even reset passwords so you can’t access accounts.  Soon I’ll explain how I got hacked and you’ll understand better!

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