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New Lamborghini SUV Urus [Pictures Leaked]

If you’re not a true car enthusiast, you probably didn’t know that Lamborghini had an SUV coming up did you?  Me either!  Well, that’s not a surprise since Porsche came out with a beautiful SUV, the Cayenne and had great success with it.  Lamborghini on the other hand hasn’t had anything different like the Cayenne SUV.  They’re finally taking a stab at the SUV market with a rumored “Urus” SUV with a sloping roof-line that is similar to a Range Rover Evoque crossover.  The front end of the New Lamborghini Urus SUV pictures show a sleek and low design that almost looks like a car.  It’s tough to tell if it’s actually an SUV or a car from what I can see.  I’m curious what the price point would be on this SUV, after all it’s doesn’t give the same feeling as a red Lamborghini in my opinion, so I would hope that it would be around the Cayenne price, but we’ll see.  What do you think it would sell for?

lamborghini urus suv pictures

lamborghini suv pics

new lamboghini suv

leaked lamborghini suv1

lamborghini urus

interior lamborghini urus


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