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2 Annoying Features You Need to Deal with when Requesting an Invitation to Pinterest

With all of the hype and creativity Pinterest brings to the table, I decided to jump on board.  It wasn’t an easy choice, particularly because I have always felt that Pinterest was aimed towards the female crowd.  After thinking about it and browsing a little I could see how it may benefit the Social Media SEO website.  For one, it will give me some great ideas and topics to share with you related to the internet.  Second, as I mentioned in my Picklee DIY / Creative Website article, they have seen much success and traffic utilizing Pinterest as a marketing avenue.  We’ll see what ideas sprout of out this step towards Pinterest.

Pinterest Annoyance #1 : Wait to be invited, we’re so exclusive

I am particularly annoyed by one thing Pinterest did though.  When I signed up it gave me two options:

pinterest request an invite

I understand how marketing works, and I understand they are looking to use the edge of demand, curiosity, and anxiousness to make you want to join.  I do however think it’s very annoying when they are already well established and I’m just trying to get my account started.

Pinterest Annoyance #2 : We’re so exclusive we’re letting you explore pins while you wait so you can be annoyed as hell

explore pins while waiting

Ok, I just requested an invite for Pinterest so I’m thinking, “there’s no way they could possibly hold this process up!”.  No I was wrong.  I checked my email thinking they would say, we’ve added you to Pinterest!  But no, they give me this pathetic email message that tells me to explore pins.  Why would I want to explore pins when I can’t pin them?!

How to speed up your Pinterest invite

Stupid me didn’t think to use Google before I requested an invite.  Apparently you can get approved faster if you know someone with a Pinterest account.  They just have to invite you from their Pinterest account!  Hopefully you get your invite through an invite from a friend when you join.

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