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Yelp App Update : Some are already complaining!

Yelp’s New App update is already causing a stir (like Facebook) with some user’s who are used to the old app.  On their iTunes download page it says the new app is filled with awesomeness:

This update is literally filled to the brim with awesomeness. We’re not joking — we had to get an intern to stand on the top of it just to get it zipped up and shipped to the App Store.
☆ We’re rolling out a brand new business page on iPhone! Boom.

I don’t use the iPhone Yelp App too much but I wanted to check it out quickly before I updated it, then see what changed with the update.  Right away I noticed a cool swipe feature to view the restaurant information and an easier to read, more functional layout.  I looked at some of the reviews on the iTunes page and I’m hoping they are not referencing the new app because I don’t see any issue with the way it works!  Here are some before/after pictures I took.  What do you think about the update?

yelp app update

Are these customers really angry about the Yelp App Update or are these reviews from the old version?  I think they corrected a lot of mistakes and problems with the app, including having everything on one page so you don’t have to jump around…

Customer Reviews From iTunes Page

Missing Major Feature!


Nice Update And All But:
Why can’t I have the option to directly post the review to yelp. I’ve stopped reviewing places because it’s a pain to only draft then jump to a web browser to finish it. FIX THIS ALREADY!

Wish they would add an option to show places I’ve reviewed in the search list so that I can try and review new places.

Hate the new update!

by Brian Taylor

Yelp has pulled a Facebook! I very much hate the new update. The listing page for each business takes too long to load. You have to click a second button to read through the reviews. They’ve emphasized “tips” and they’re handpicked (always flattering) review highlights. I find it harder to get to the core content of the user reviews!

No way to hide checkins

by YesNoCancel

Jesus Christ. I could care less who’s the “Baron” of my location and it takes up valuable screen space. Please provide an option to hide this for the adults that use your app.

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