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Hofstra Twin College Student Shot During Home Invasion

andrea-rebello-shot-hofrstra-universityA 21-year-old college student was shot and killed early Friday on Long Island after an armed man broke into the home she shared with her twin sister.  The Hofstra studen twas held hostage as the intruder engaged in a fire fight with police.  Both the hostage and the man who broke in were killed in the fight.  According to New York Times, the man was wearing a ski mask and carrying a pistol, the police said. He held the twin sisters and the young man hostage but let the other woman leave, apparently to go withdraw money from a nearby bank machine, the police said.  That women called 911, resulting in the police rushing over to the house.

The details of the shooting were still under investigation, the police said, but it appeared that the gunman and the police exchanged gunfire.

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