Windows 8.1 Update: Bringing Back The Old Windows Start Button


Windows is the leading operating system when it comes to computers and his been in the industry of technology for a very long time. The newest Windows version today is the Windows 8, which is packed with new features for most windows users such as the new and unique user interface. However, not all people are happy about the new face of windows since windows has featured the start button and the start menu for a very long time and most people are used to this kind of navigation. Losing this huge feature is a major concern especially for those who are not that good with computers because are now emerged into a new environment.

The bottom line – windows users still want the old start button and start menu back. Fortunately, the Windows 8 has a new update which is the Windows 8.1 update. Old Windows users will be glad to upgrade their Windows 8 to this new update because Windows has finally brought back the old start button. However, the start menu won’t be there and this is only because Windows 8 already has the new user interface which, most people can say, is more user-friendly and bringing back the start menu will become redundant since its features are included in the Windows 8 user-interface.

The start button can still be seen on the lower left of the screen with the new Windows 8 logo. Also, the area where the start button is will be more visible compared to the Windows 8.0 version. Left clicking the start button will bring the metro interface, new Windows 8 user-interface, on your screen. Right clicking on it will provide other options such as the device manager, disk management and event viewer. This update will hopefully keep Windows users slightly happy with, in my opinion, the most confusing operating system ever made!

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