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Overdose of soy sauce can be fatal

soy-sauce-overdose-odApparently soy sauce can actually be fatal if taken in excess. A man recently went into a coma for consuming a whole quart of soy sauce. Doctors said that it was his luck that he survived such high dosage of the sauce since it has actually killed people in the past. It might sound surprising because soy sauce is such a common condiment, but like everything, it should obviously be consumed in moderation.

The man who suffered the coma was only 19 years in age.  The high salt content in soy sauce spreads so fast in the blood stream that it blocks the brain and hinders its functioning. Eventually the person is to die or move into coma, a state of complete inactivity.

2 replies on “Overdose of soy sauce can be fatal”

You can OD on soy sauce? Holy crap.
I mean, I know you can OD on anything in high enough quantities, but this is a relatively small amount (compared to say the amount of water you have to drink before it will kill you).

Any substance, including PURE WATER, is fatal in high enough doses. If anyone is surprised by this, well, Darwin is waiting to pay you a visit….

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