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Facebook tightens Screws on Pages that Contain Violent, Racy Content by Pulling of Ads


It was revealed that Facebook is pulling advertisements from pages that include violent and racy contents. The Facebook officials stated that they are planning to review the guidelines and train up their employees to deal with the issue. The users who are associated with posting such contents are also going to be treated seriously to discourage contents that convey hatred towards certain races or gender.

It is to be mentioned that in May, several advertisers decided to stop publishing their advertisements in Facebook after an activist group named “Women, Action and the Media” called for a boycott from the advertisers as a protest towards contents posted in Facebook by users that promoted hatred and violence towards women.

Facebook has pulled ads from certain pages already and the upcoming regulations will expand on those categories that got affected by this ban to combat racism and violence in the world’s largest social networking website. It is to be mentioned that the companies that sells adult-theme products were allowed to display ads on the right side of their pages. However, the new guidelines will change that by turning all these pages ad-free from this Monday.

The pages that will violate the terms will be removed by the Facebook authority. The new guideline will cover pages that are allowed to exist in Facebook but considered controversial. Facebook will see very limited affect in its business because of the new policies, according to the management.

It is to be mentioned that Facebook is being used by millions of people all around the globe. Often debates rose due to the way Facebook has been used by certain people that have promoted violence and racism. Facebook is trying to create a balance between its millions of users regarding their freedom to post what they wish and offering companies to promote their businesses.

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As an Admin, all I ask of them is to provide their guidelines so all pages can make an informed decision about what they are posting. It is a bad move to leave content generators in the dark. #justiceforpages

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