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Start of Ramadan: imbroglio within the CFCM

While the Mosque of Paris was a surprise this Tuesday noon to Wednesday, pushing the start of the fasting month of Ramadan, the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) was initially maintained its original schedule announced since last May. He set the date to Tuesday, July 9, not July 10. Asked by, a leader of the CFCM, Mohamed Moussaoui said he was “surprised” by the statement made by the theological commission of the Mosque of Paris, disavowing the Council Decision. “It is irresponsible that the decision of the CFCM is challenging!” It insists Moussaoui.

“For the CFCM nothing has changed, it is Tuesday. In France, there has been a clear decision based on theological and scientific conditions, and so we had announced early Tuesday. The CFCM has not changed his mind after meeting Monday evening at the Paris Mosque. Following this meeting, the statement was signed by the current president, elected on June 30, the rector BOUBAKEUR “slice Mohamed Moussaoui, former president of the CFCM.

Las. A few hours later, in an interview with, Moussaoui’s successor as head of the CFCM, Dalil Boubaker, said that the CFCM had reversed its decision to start Ramadan on Tuesday, July 9. “The vast majority of the faithful wanted to follow Saudi Arabia and other countries; Ramadan will begin Wednesday, July 10. Vox populi, vox dei! We decided to adapt to the wishes of the Muslim community, “said Boubakeur.

What has happened, then, between the night of Monday to Tuesday? Moussaoui asks, “like most Muslims in France” which began fasting on Tuesday. “The press release announcing the start of Ramadan on Wednesday signed by the theological commission of the Mosque of Paris, so we try to understand what has to question the decision Monday, while there is no meeting since the CFCM. And we check whether this commission falls within the Mosque of Paris, “said the official, who said he was ‘surprised’ that risky” the Commission said output “, causing actual confusion among Muslims of France.

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