BMW Unveils its First Mass Production Electric Car

bmw-i3-coupe-electric-carThe BMW i3 is anticipated to hit the US market in 2014. The vehicle is expected to cost a little more than $41,000. For customers worried about not being able to charge up at a station, they can pay an additional $4000 to add a back-up motor powered by gasoline in case of any issues.

The CEO of this world renowned German car manufacturer, Norbert Reithofer has stated that the company needs to have about 30% electric vehicles and 30% plug-in hybrids for the FY 2025. With the launch of this electric vehicle by BMW, several speculations are rife. There is one analyst that has calculated that there would be an estimated lost of $200 million annually on the sale of this car whereas there is another firm which is of the opinion that the car will be sold at a huge profit.

The first mass-production electric vehicle by BMW is speculated to be the nearest rival of Tesla Model S in the plug-in luxury segment. The CEO of the company Mr. Reithofer is of the view that in China, in the European Union and in the US, cars like BMW i3 is a must buy to cut down the emission levels and to keep the environment clean.

Several market analysts are of the opinion that this latest model of the electric vehicle is sure to earn emission credits for BMW in the markets like California, If these predictions are anything to go by then BMW will not have to pay hefty fines for not complying with the carbon-di-oxide and carbon-mono-oxide restrictions. This will give BMW an edge over its nearest rivals and hence it can churn more profit on the sale of its latest model.


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