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Content Marketing Greatness: 8 Ways SlideShare Will Help You Achieve It

Content marketers know that they always have to stay ahead of the next big thing in the world of social media, and they’re quickly learning that when it comes to sharing dynamic presentations, SlideShare is it. With 60 million visitors a month and 130 million page views, according to the site’s own statistics, this is clearly the place to feature your works if you have information worthy of an eye-catching presentation. SlideShare can help you achieve your content marketing goals in many ways.

Allowing You to Use the Platform that Highlights Your Product Best

Most social media sites force you to fit your marketing media into a specific mold. You must condense a tweet into 140 characters, format your Facebook pages to fit the site’s layout, and highlight all the best parts of a blog post in a single small image for success on Pinterest.

Slide share allows you to upload PowerPoint, Keynote, or OpenOffice files. You can also embed videos or images and include PDFs and other documents. Create your presentation in the format that suits the message and place your product under the best possible light. SlideShare works with you so your media really shines.

Making it Easy to Generate Leads

SlideShare is a powerful tool for B2B companies because it offers easy optimization for lead generation. You can integrate lead generation forms directly into your presentations. Include links to your website or social media sites on any page. Capture leads easily with these built-in features that reach out for the viewer’s contact information when he’s the most engaged and ready to share.

Helping You Share Your Expertise

While you can use SlideShare to accomplish many goals, these presentations are particularly effective for showcasing your knowledge. Highlight your know-how in a particular area with a well-formed presentation and you’ll have new B2B connections knocking at your door in no time. The extreme shareability of SlideShare makes it easy for a groundbreaking or highly intriguing thoughts to spread across the Internet like wildfire.

Facilitating a “Show, Don’t Tell” Approach

Internet users have a notoriously short attention span. They want to assimilate as much knowledge as possible in a record amount of time. Showing your viewers what you’re talking about gets the message through much faster than slowly explaining it in words. The average SlideShare slide has just 24 words. This medium is all about eye-catching graphics and bite-size pieces of information that viewers can grab quickly.

Giving Your Presentations Impressive SEO Benefits

Slide Share is a searchable site with impressive SEO. When you upload a presentation to this platform, it becomes searchable for anyone looking through Slide Share presentations for your type of information. Media hosted on your own site alone doesn’t offer this level of searchability, though SlideShare presentations are easily embedded into any page for the same effect on your company’s page.

This presentation by Mark Weinberger highlights SlideShare’s diversity as one of its greatest benefits. Users come to this site seeking information. Place your presentation so it’s just waiting for them to find it.

Providing Informative Tracking

Slide Share offers several tracking tools that will help you assess how your presentations are performing. Test out various marketing strategies here first and see how they do before you invest a larger chunk of your budget in a shiny new approach. Dip a toe into the water first with SlideShare to see how it really feels and these powerful feedback tools will help point you in the right direction.

Offering a Social Way to Share

You can do more than just upload presentations with SlideShare. This is a unique social network of its own. Your profile will feature all of your content as well as information about your personal brand or business. Through SlideShare, you can connect with others and grow your network. This is particularly useful for B2B marketing where you need to make strong connections with other businesses.

Targeting a Professional User Base

Business owners small and large turn to Slide Share more than any other social media site for their B2B marketing needs. This is a powerful platform for connecting with other professionals. While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are still lacking somewhat in their usability for forming B2B connections, SlideShare is perfectly placed for this type of marketing opportunity.

Even in a world where Facebook is largely considered king, there are unbeatable benefits available to you through SlideShare. Get your message out in an intriguing and attention-grabbing way with this powerful platform.

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