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Why I’m Selling My iPad


The day I found out I had enough points collected over the lifetime of my MasterCard, my mind went crazy thinking about what I could buy.  Shortly before this I was thinking of how useful and fun an iPad would be, so naturally that’s what I leaned towards.  I already have an iPhone, Macbook, and Magic Mouse (I guess you could say I’m loyal)  so an iPad made perfect sense.  I ordered the iPad with a nice case and took it on a business trip.  I found it to amuse me in a very similar way that my iPhone 5 does.  After the trip I used it a few more times around the house, but after a few months I entirely neglected my iPad.  I couldn’t find one use for it since my iPhone was more convenient.  As a web developer, when I do use the internet, I need my Macbook.

Without the need for the iPad it really made me think, am I the only one that feels like there is no need for an iPad?  I know a lot of people enjoy them with their kids or for job tasks, but I just can’t justify having one laying around the house.

That being said, I’m selling my iPad.  My next purchase?  An Apple 27″ Cinema Display so I can hook up my Macbook.

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