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Pamela Anderson gets a “Pixie Cut” + Baywatch Pictures

If you’re like me and have no idea what a Pixie Cut is, don’t worry about it.  A Pixie Cut is a shorter haircut style for women and the keyword is trending right now in the news because Pamela Anderson chopped her famous blonde hair off for this style.  The chances are that you probably wouldn’t  recognize her if she walked by you. I have to say I like the longer hair better…


Out of pure respect I will now throw some old Baywatch pictures in the mix:

pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-7pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-6 pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-5 pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-4 pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-3pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-2 pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-1

There you go.

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